Why We Specialize in Healthcare

pic-specializeHealthcare is the largest industry in the United States. With total expenditures exceeding $2.0 trillion, the industry is expected to continue to outpace GDP growth for the foreseeable future.

Each year, thousands of new healthcare products and services are invented. Unfortunately, relatively few of them successfully navigate the treacherous maze of capital formation, business organization, and management development on the way to becoming full-fledged operating companies. The process is long, hard, and fraught with the potential for mistakes at each critical junction.

At HealthCare Capital Advisors, we thrive on helping companies succeed in this challenging marketplace. With an aging population putting increases demands on the healthcare industry, the U.S. system as a whole is actively searching for solutions to stem the rising tide of healthcare costs. After spending nearly a decade squeezing costs and inefficiencies from the healthcare system, managed care has clearly demonstrated this alone cannot provide the long-term panacea many believed it would.

Looking forward, true gains in controlling escalating healthcare expenditures will have to come from cost-effective solutions provided by major innovations in medical technology, the genomics and proteomics revolution, medical informatics, and healthcare services. These future solutions, along with a new focus on the power of preventative medicine, are the forces that will have the best chance of reducing U.S. healthcare expenditures.